Wish list

W.A.H.R cannot survive on love alone! We are always in need of many items to support our herd.

Things like blankets, feed, buckets, brushes, and many other items are needed for the horses, as well as volunteers and funds.

To see what you can do to help, check the following list for items to donate.
You may have second hand tack or “horsie stuff” that is no longer needed? As long as it is in relatively good condition, we would very much appreciate it!

For more information about any of these items, or if you have something you would like to donate, please contact us!
Most of the items on our wish list are very common and often the staff at farm and tack stores can help you find items that would be useful to us.

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Barastoc Blocks

Fence feeders

Folactin Red

Salt licks

Rugs (all shapes and sizes, we just ask that they are in reasonably good condition)

Round bales

Oaten hay, Lucerne hay and grass hay bales

Oaten chaff & Lucerne chaff (preferably separate bags and not 50/50)

Lead ropes (long and normal length)

Headcollars and rope halters

Horse Float

Round yard

Handy men and women to volunteer!

Water hoses

Bitless bridles


Financial donations

Horse shampoo 

Worm paste

Things for our agility yard (can be just about anything from fun flags, and noodles from the 2dollar shop to home-made tunnels or bridges!)

Individual grooming kits for every new horse that arrives

Acerage (Where we could keep up to 5 horses, with good grass, close to Kinglake area)

Shavings and sawdust

Pitch fork 

Bedding fork

Bags of oats

Magnetic rugs and boots

Boots and bandages

White healer cream and other medics

Natural horsemanship trainers to donate training services!

Rug racks

Saddle racks

Bridle bags

Power drill

Diamond mesh

Hoof dressing

Long term loving homes for our wonderful adoption horses!

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