Horses up for adoption

Once our horses have been rehabilitated they are assessed for the kind of home and rider they will need. This assures us that they are placed in the best of care and that it’s a match that will last a lifetime.

Our horses go out to homes vaccinated, wormed, feet and teeth done, and ready to be loved.

Some of our horses can be ridden and other can’t, and the ones that can’t we try to rehome as companion horses.

Horses from WAHR are never sold. This is beacause we want to be able to know where our horses are their entire lives, and that they will never be back in the wrong hands. Therefore we have created a lease contract, that works as a forever lease. That way if you adopt one of our horses and for some reason your situation changes, you can bring the horse back to W.A.H.R at any given time.

To view the lease agreement form you can click on the link below:

WAHR Lease Agreement 2014 B

If you are interested in adopting one of our beautiful horses, please view our ‘Adoption Requirement Form’ below.

Adoption Application Form

If you would like to help, but don’t have the resources to adopt, sponsoring a horse is a good option. To learn more about sponsoring a horse, go to our W.A.H.R Sanctuary page.

***ALL WAHR HORSES ARE TO BE ADOPTED BY ADULTS ONLY. We have no childrens riding horses.***


Georgie is a 7yo bay thoroughbred mare around 16.1 hh. She has a beautiful nature, and tries so hard to please.
Georgie has done three classical dressage clinics and has attended pony club.
She would be a fantastic adult riding dressage mount.

Fanatical windsucker, which doesn’t effect her weight at all as long as she gets her one feed a day.


Elle is a 15yo stunning 16.1hh thoroughbred mare.
She was purchased at Echuca sales in April 2014, and has just finished her rehabilitation, so she is looking for a forever loving home.
It has taken quite alot of time to get her weight up and to gain her trust. She now loves a good cuddle and a smooch, and will follow us around the paddock in hope for more!

Elle is one special, magnificent lady.


Copper was purchased from Echuca saleyards in January 2014.
Nobody bid on this beautiful boy except for W.A.H.R and the meatman.
Copper has come a long way as he was very nervous and impossible to catch when we got him. Now he joins up, can have his feet done without dramas, and can be groomed, washed, rugged and taken for walks. He has suffered a lot of trauma, and is slowly gaining confidence in people.
Copper will only ever be rehomed to an experienced person who can work on his confidence, and become friends with him.


Beautiful Jane is looking for a retirement home, somewhere she can be loved groomed and cherished by someone special. She is a 20 year old STB mare and just a sweetheart. She loves her grooming sessions.



Jack – is a 12 yo miniture who has been a serving stalion all his life. He has been gelded since coming to WAHR in November 2015. Jack will be great as a little companion for one or two mares, as he likes having his girls around. Easy to handle, though he still thinks he’s a stallion at times, but settles down quickly and is a beautiful little man.


Casey was purchased at the Echuca sales in October 2015 by White Angels Horse Rescue.

Casey is a beautiful 2yo dark bay thoroughbred filly. She is a sweetheart, who is easy to handle, and has taken to agility training really well. She takes everything in her stride. Casey is a little girl, standing at around 14’2hh, so she is looking for a small adult.