R.I.P Angels

"No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me."

Dolly came to W.A.H.R early in 2013.
She was surrendered to us by two beautiful ladies.
Dolly was so emaciated that she was almost dead. She couldn’t walk in a straight line for weeks. The vet picked her teeth out with his fingers as they were so rotten and infected. She couldn’t eat, she would only choke on her food, so she was fed handfuls every half hour for the first three days until she could actually swallow properly. She was then put on to quarter buckets of food eight times a day, and gradually moved on to normal feeds twice a day as she got stronger and healthier.

Dolly has lived a happy and healthy life with W.A.H.R, in our elderly paddock with her two friends Honey and Marley. She was around 30 years of age, and lived out her days being loved and adored by the team at W.A.H.R, and anyone else who was lucky to meet her. RIP beautiful girl.


Vista was an ex racehorse who was surrendered by his old owner who was unable to care for him. When he arrived at W.A.H.R, Vista had come from the vets after choking several times. He has a damaged sphincter between his esophagus and his stomach which caused him to reflux. On the right feed, Vista was almost right, but took quite a while to eat his food as he needed extra time to digest.
Vista was a big gentle giant, nothing fazed him, and he would befriend everyone.
He is deeply missed. RIP big boy.

Mia was a gorgeous little mini that came quite traumatized. She was a surrender, and arrived early november 2014.
She started her natural horsemanship and agility training, and came quite far. In the end our beautiful girl had had enough, and we hope that she is in a better place now.
RIP little one.


Beautiful Paris came to WAHR the winter of 2014.

Unfortunately she had had a very severe hoof injury from being stuck in a wire fence. The injury wasn’t stabilized enough for Paris to have the comfortable long life that she deserved, and we had to make the unfortunate decision of putting her to sleep.
RIP Paris.