W.A.H.R Sanctuary

The horses that live in our W.A.H.R sanctuary are special care horses that won’t ever be rehomed.
Whether it be from injury or old age, we have decided that these horses retire and live out their days with us.

If you aren’t able to adopt or foster a horse, we encourage anyone to sponsor a sanctuary horse. Even though they are retired, the sanctuary horses still need regular foot- and dental care, feeding and worming. Some also get extra joint supplements, vitamins and herbs for various reasons. All this adds up, and we depend on people to help us to provide the best life for these horses.

If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our sanctuary horses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to come and spend some time with one or more of our beautiful sanctuary horses we are able to accommodate grooming sessions. Even retired horses love being pampered!



The beautiful Pommie was a 4 million dollar syndicate horse.
He was originally from Germany, imported to Japan, and then to Australia.
He was a shuttle stallion who was left do die in a paddock when he retired.
The people sold their property and just left him there.
This magnificent boy had been rugged, stabled and fed everyday of his life and he was left with no rug, and no food in a wire paddock of which he had no clue of.
He was extremely emaciated with a massive leg wound. Once with W.A.H.R, he was stabled for 4 months, in which time his wound split twice.
He slowly gained weight and got better, eventually looking unrecognizable to when he first arrived.

Thanks to the beautiful ladies Beck and Donna, to Taryn for helping us pick him up and nurse him, and to the most amazing vets from the Veterinary Practice in Yarrambat.
Pommie is one of the permanent residents of the sanctuary, and will be with us forever.

pommieSponsor Pommie with $25 a week

Honey & Peaches

Honey came to W.A.H.R from the Echuca sales in March 2014.
Honey was bought by a beautiful lady for W.A.H.R. She was quite ill when she arrived, and looked as if she was in foal. She had an ultrasound, and we were told Honey was not pregnant… About 5 months later Peaches joined our world! What a wonderful surprise she was, and a surprise she really was! We had the vet out a week earlier to check on Honey as her belly had dropped, and we had a funny feeling something was up. Well, it was. Peaches came out in about three minutes, was standing up after one hour, and drinking after half an hour. Honey was truly amazing, and there is no saying how many foals she has had!

Honey also has a psychoid tumor on her eyelid which is inoperable, but she is on Sue Martins amazing psychoid herbs, and fingers crossed that is going to get rid of it. Honey really does live up to her name, and everyone who comes here will always admire her and her beautiful baby Peaches.

honey and breezeSponsor Honey and Peaches with $35 a week


Mariah is a beautiful little mini who came to us early in 2014.
She was a purchase rescue from a private owner.
Mariah was quite underweight and has taken alot of time to get healthy. She had terrible feet and problems with a locking stifle.
Now Mariah is a permanent resident of our W.A.H.R sanctuary, and does some work with Melbourne Therapy Horses.

mariahqSponsor Mariah with $25 a week


Cash was surrendered to W.A.H.R in november 2014.

After seeing the vet, we discovered that Cash has quite a few issues with his health.
He has narcolepsy and permanent soft pallet displacement.
Cash is kept safe here as he needs a safe flat post and rail paddock, good nutrition and care. He has picked up somewhat to when he arrived, and we are hoping that nursing him back into health will ease these issues somewhat. He can have surgery on his pallet, which is a $4000 operation, not guaranteed to work but we are hoping that in time we will be able to afford to give it a go to make him more comfortable.

Cash is a beautiful boy, he is happy to plot along through an agility course, and looooves his dinnertime!